DGÄF - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ärztliche Fortbildung

DGÄF - Deutsche Gesellschaft für ärztliche Fortbildung mbH

Doctors, as well as dentists / dental employees, pharmacists / pharmaceutical employees and healthcare therapists, have the obligation and/or the desire to continue their training. DGÄF mbH offers the leading search portals (developed with Fraunhofer Fokus/ID Diacos) for continuing education and other events in the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic fields:


www.docampus.de offers doctors a comprehensive range of continuing education and training in all specialist areas, including such disparate fields as acupuncture and visceral surgery. docampus also assists physicians in finding specialist congresses. In this way docampus effectively supports doctors in fulfilling their training obligations.


www.docampus-dental.de has something for everyone, from compulsory continuing education for dentists and professional further training for oral surgeons to continuing education to help dental assistants advance professionally to become dental prophylaxis assistants and further training in the field of dental technology (such as in the area of CAD/CAM), for example.


www.docampus-pharma.de offers a comprehensive range of continuing education and training in areas including compulsory further training courses and continuing education for pharmacists to become specialist pharmacists for pharmaceutical analysis, continuing education courses for pharmaceutical technicians in order to become specialist pharmaceutical technicians, or further training courses in the field of quality management for pharmaceutical assistants, for example.


www.docampus-therapia.de is a website for speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists. Healthcare therapists will find what they are looking for here, from continuing professional education in fields ranging from fostering healthy lifestyles and sign language to further training in the area of sensory integration therapy, for example.